Millenium Tower


The 60-storey Millennium Tower on Sheikh Zayed Road combines a series of visual elements into a symmetrical composition that evokes tradition with an entirely modern edge.

Articulated in a stylish, contemporary visual language, the tower meets the client’s aspiration to create a modern interpretation of the art deco skyscrapers of the 1930s. The clean, elegant interlocking ‘slipping’ volumes suggest the appearance of movement towards the sky, and create the classic stepped skyline that diminishes to a sharp apex.

A solid frame visibly anchors the building to the ground, expressed on either side and encompassing a lighter, more transparent glazed wall behind its diagonal bracing. Contained between the frames is a composition of contrasting solid masses, which resolve themselves into a single fi n at the peak, which in turn incorporates a needle-like pinnacle pointing skywards. At the base deep recesses impart a sense of lightness to the main body of the tower. The result is a skyscraper of sophisticated simplicity.

A total of 407 residential apartments are served by a swimming pool, gymnasium and squash courts housed in the separate 471-bay multistorey car park. The project at 285m was tailored to the needs of the client, to accommodate 1,400 of its staff.