Oasis City Masterplan


The ArRiyadh Development Authority (ADA) proposed a long term vision for the future planning of Riyadh, in which four urban subcentres are to be created on the perimeter of the existing city. Oasis City is to be the new centre for the Eastern sector.

The plan for this development takes its inspiration from the organic sculpting effects of water within a wadi, and alludes to the historical origins of Riyadh as a garden city of canals and orchards. It is dominated by a curvilinear, organically-shaped public park that ties the North and South sides of the site with a string of spatial experiences. The spaces within the park are based on themes of Nature, Religion, Tradition, the Souk, Art and Sport.

A network of landscaped pedestrian and bicycle routes interconnect the main public amenities of the site in organically shaped and spatially interesting wadis. These wadis vary in width and alignment, and are strung with pocket courtyards and plazas to create a journey of discovery, as new and wonderful spatial experiences await travellers around every corner.