Office of the Future

The world’s first fully functional and permanently occupied ‘3D printed’ Building.



This pavilion is the world’s first fully functional and permanently occupied ‘3D printed’ building.As an ‘Office of the Future’ the building acts as temporary home for the Dubai Future Foundation as well as an exhibition space and incubator for future emerging technologies in Dubai. The entire structure was ‘printed’ in concrete using an additive manufacturing technique.

It is the first fully occupied building in the world to be constructed using such techniques. A large scale 3D-printer was used to print the building in layers of reinforced concrete. The printer features a computer controlled armature to implement printing process.

The design of the building is intended to improve energy efficiency in the hot climate of the UAE, which commonly experiences temperatures that rise above 45°C (113°F) and makes use of 800mm thick insulating cladding. The project is oriented to maximise visibility and natural light, but to shade the inside through projecting overhangs above the windows, optimised to fully shade the glazing from direct sun.

The pavilion has been designed to facilitate a mix of creative interactions, quiet reflective work and serendipitous meetings. This approach supports the work of flexible teams and fluid partnerships. To achieve this, the Office radiates around a tree shaded cafe courtyard.

The construction of the pavilion is part of a larger strategy launched by the UAE, to become a major incubator of innovation and future technologies for the world. This agenda reflects Dubai’s commitment to develop breakthrough projects and initiatives with partners around the world that can help shape the 21st century for the better.