Skygate City


Skygate is a concept for a resort at Singapore Bay Marina, constructed around the theme of entertainment. It incorporates many low-rise building but the outstanding element is the Skygate Tower. The inspiration for the tower are sustainability,and futurism, blended to create a piece of sculptural architecture that will become an internationally recognised symbol of Singapore.

The architectural forms are inspired by water, flight and technology. The tower is an elegant cone, its facade articulated using horizontal balconies and sky gardens to punctuate the elevation every 11 floors.This creates an ascending visual rhythm and reduces solar gain by 85%, as well as providing an attractive amenity for the 1,200-room, six-star hotel. At the tower’s peak is a 145m high open structure containing a dynamic but delicate, shimmering assembly of 60 vertical axis wind turbines. this takes the overall height of Skygate to 500m, well into super-tower territory and among the top 10 towers in the world in terms of height.

The project incorporates seven mid-rise buildings containing 1,800 rooms, a Guggenheim-like museum, a 600m long mall, an indoor area for 10,000 people, and amphitheater seating 7,000 with dancing fountains and a sailing academy to animate the bay. The viewing deck at level 67, a VIP gaming area at level 68, and a helipad and revolving restaurant at level 69 and 70 provided panoramic views of Singapore. An integrated mooring for Singapore environmentally friendly airship indicated the comprehensive approach to responsible energy generation and conservation, recycling programmes and contemporary communication systems that are central to Skygate’s design.